This page contains logic students' syllabi for their philosophy preliminary exams, "special option" qualifying exams, and philosophy qualifying exams.

Philosophy prelim syllabi

Philosophy of Mathematics

Frege's philosophy of mathematics, Fall 2006
Kant's distinction between mathematics and philosophy

Philosophical Logic

Philosophical issues in second-order logic
The concept of logical consequence

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Language

"Context Sensitivity in Semantics," July 2006
"Quantifying In," February 2003


Godel and the ontological argument (bibliography only), January 2006
Godel's incompleteness theorems and the mind
Interactions of logic and probability, June 2004

"Special Option" qualifying exam syllabi

Model theory and stability theory, July 2003

Philosophy qualifying exam syllabi

"Predicativity, foundations of arithmetic, and Fregean arithmetics," "Vagueness and classical logic," and "Dummett and the justification of deduction," December 2005
Truth and realism, mathematical nominalism, and set theory, May 2005