Calibrate mistakes
you have to risk being wrong
in two types of ways.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2021 Math 138 students have permitted me to share.

You must consult the textbook
To understand it

My favorite part:
I learned about regression.
Using it in life

Degrees of freedom,
fall to spring still n less one,
for a sample mean

Does not matter how
you need to get it done so
you can be at ease

Goodness of fit tests;
go back to the drawing board
or you were correct.

Cherry Blossom Springs
Haiku leaves fall down to earth
Paper or Purpose?

Malice in the spring
Creaking keyboards in the night
Statistics makes pain

type one and type two
alpha beta power functions
critical regions

Many Hypothesis Tests
What a Junior Year

Statistics are fun.
All of my friends love to do
hypothesis tests.

R Lang, Plot Data
normal fit lines everywhere
so many screenshots

struggle with homework
o'ercome many obstacles
I grow over time

Hypothesis spring
A structured, programming strong
by the chi-square test

p-value method
p is greater than alpha
Data supports null

Find test statistic
For hypothesis testing
Data supported?

Regressions predict
from single variable
or from multiple

Test standard deviations
And if they're equal

Some estimators
may have a negative or
positive bias.

Question or thesis
You can find all your answers
Test hypothesis

You receive two means
Hypothesize null and alt.
Which do you accept?