One tail or two tails?
Should I use alpha
or divide by two?

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2019 Math 138 students (and their Peer Teacher!) have permitted me to share.

Statistics for all
No matter who you are, you
shine from t to z.

My eyes are opened
Statistics are everywhere
Down the rabbit hole

What are the odds of
Well, let's calculate.

Goodness of fit tests
are often used to measure
the fairness of dice

p is less than one.
It can also be one, too.
Don't forget zero.

life goes on without thee there.
Don't break the set rules.

Null hypothesis
Alternating p.m.f.
Makes life very hard.

Data with perfect
linear regression does
not mean it's valid.

I learned I shouldn't
wait until Thursday morning
to do homework sets.

I love statistics
Taking the P exam soon
This class was helpful

Goodness of fit test
Alpha sets critical space
Do not reject null?

What I must study this spring
Hope I get a C

Given the prior
the new data will give us
the posterior

tons more memorization
than 138.

I fail to reject
the p value when it is
greater than alpha

Reject the null wrong
for Type 1 and accept the
null wrong for Type 2.

density function of a
normal is useless

Prob/Stat peer teaching
Challenging and rewarding
I have learned a lot