German Tank Problem:
Let's estimate how many
tanks the Allies face.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2018 Math 138 students have permitted me to share.

The hypothesis:
Statistics is a handful
Don't reject the null

Oh sufficient stats,
The confusion you give me
How valid you are.

This class has been fun.
Memorizing less is good

I learned so much stats
I'm so prepared for grad school!
Franklin is the best.

Conceptual stats
Is not my favorite thing
Please use some numbers

I might be biased
But I'd like to estimate
One-three-eight was great

I learned so many
Intervals of confidence
But that's no big deal

Rejecting the null?
Based on the test statistic
Then draw conclusion

Forget the domain
And you will anger Franklin
Domains are your friend

Math One Thirty Eight
You have really been great but
Ready for summer

A bivariate.
Two pdf's into one.
They're not that normal.

Hypothesis test
Calculate test statistic
Too extreme, reject

Don't reject the null
If chi square is less than the
Test stat ratios

Through orange textbooks
The hypothesis tests learned
While the Summer yearned

The heights of penguins
So cold to measure and hard
We'll use MLE

Hi Dr. Franklin
Why must the semester end
Goodbye statistics

It's too bad, so sad
But alas must be a grad
What a blast I had