M&M candies
and contingency tables
go together well.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2017 Math 138 students have permitted me to share.

They're bringing errors,
Some bad observations folks,
Need them out Big League

I have never used
R-studio, although it
Was extremely fun!

Using R saved me much time
Lay back and relax

Going much deeper
Than I ever thought I could
About statistics

Math one thirty eight
We learned stats, also how to
Use R studio

Confidence, Hypotheses
Passing Exam P

I never thought that
All of these distributions
Gave so much info

R is the best when
Data imports properly
And there's no errors

Before taking this class
I thought numbers could not lie
I have been proved wrong

While using R Studio
With big data sets

Office hours help
Read the questions carefully
Calc always comes back

Hypothesis test
And confidence intervals
Alpha equals point oh one

You never forget
The marginal unless you
Enjoy losing points

To do chi square tests
We compare our data to
Known distributions

ANOVA testing
Is hypothesis testing
For means on steroids

Regression model
Estimates relationships
Best fit line of points

The null hypothesis says
There is no real difference
Between populations

Oh, how I love R
Makes life so much easier
For calculations

Statistics can be
Difficult, just use R as
A powerful tool!

From this class I learned
If the p-value is high
The H1 must fly

Really can't be more than one
If so then you're wrong