In order to find
The best critical region
Use Neyman-Pearson

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2016 Math 138 students have permitted me to share.

Null hypothesis
Reject or not to reject
That is the question.

No more distributions left
And statistics two

How useful you are
Computing functions and such
R you are the best!

Lots of tests to use
Compare proportions for fun
Use R to do it

Don’t forget your bounds!
To calculate statistics,
R is what you use.

Roses are red and
The text in R is blue and
R’s case sensitive

What are statistics?
I am supposed to know that
I totally don’t.

R is so helpful
Do not fear long equations
Oh, how wonderful!

Statistics is a
Tedious yet rewarding
Topic of study.

Numbers are better
Than probability is
But they are both nice

Normal or chi-squared?
I learned this in statistics.
Don’t forget alpha!

Degrees of freedom
Are especially useful
For chi-squared problems

Statistics is also good

Stats is everywhere.
I now know how to use R
To do work for me.

Practice for my P exam

Null Hypothesis
Difference of proportions
Statistics is fun

Simple regression
Used to find correlation
R helps us.