Count per unit time?
That's lambda. Time per event
Gives you your theta.

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2022 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

is not a problem for me
Pictures were my friend!

Math is so hard I
Need to find my Therapist
I just want to cry

Permute means arrange
Combinations equal choose
But order is null

Confi Intervals
Contains the real mean if
Data is normal

Sums or Averages?
The Normal Distribution
Standardize the Mean

Find the mean value
Get the expected value
Sum of xf(x)

Most important rule
Probability above
One means something's wrong.

Distributions are
very hard to memorize
glad we have passed it.

Mutually exclusive?
Snowing in Fall ain't.

Have some data set?
5-step summary: you just
need min, max, quartiles.

Neptune ruins money!
Hurry, use distribution!
NASA needs your help!

Don't know the S.D?
Just square root the variance
It is that easy

Expected Value:
Continuous PDF?
Uh oh! Integral!

Large n, small p of
Binomials, good Poisson