The discrete models
Are all based on Bernoullis
Except, well, Poisson.

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2020 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

Different distributions
How to apply them

Past the outer fence,
of a box-and-whisker plot,
might be an outlier.

Law of attraction
think of it as it will be
or as it is now

exponential? Me!
who r u? I have truly,
zero memory.

Johanna Franklin
Has quite the noisy neighbor
His car be too fast!

Moment Moment yes
Mixed Distributions Mixed
pretty facts yes

oh De Morgan's law
loved unions, intersections
taking complements

Learning how to use
chi-squared distributions gave
me some "confidence."

One Distribution
Find the probability
Thank you for teaching

Learned distributions,
probability, unions,
and intersections.

Stress over homework
calculate distributions
pray for a good grade

Through the falling leaves
I learn about fancy means
Without Zoom Uni

Create a model
Conduct your experiment
Analyze data.

Generate function
get the probabilities
to solve life

Roll a die six times
Chance of not getting a one?
Use binomial

So many distributions.
I prefer discrete.

Expected value
for discrete is the sum of
x times f of x

Symmetric curves, and
Confidence intervals, I
Crave Dorayaki.

Become quite close to normal
With more data points

Statistics is cool to me

Box-and-Whisker plots,
Histograms, and Stem-and-Leafs,
to display data.