All the "pretty facts"
Adding random variables
What turns into what?

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2017 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

Line up some puppies
Oh no, a permutation!
I like stat better

Prob. was the fun part
Much like winter, which feels like

If I don't study
For actuary exams
Franklin will be mad

Thank you for teaching me so
Much. You are the best!

At which I am horrible
Have mercy on me

What I learned this fall.
Pdf's and cdf's.
And some statistics.

Sloths, axolotls,
And don't forget the quokkas.
See you in the spring.

Too many distributions
Random walk is fun

Hofstra's most useful math class
Won't be forgotten

Will I take one thirty-eight?
You shall wait and see.

Box and whisker plots
Are used to find outliers
Using the quartiles

Solving stat problems
Is spectacular and fun
Study thoroughly

Must pass Exam P
If I don't, how sad I'll be
Franklin please help me

This is statistics
Find confidence intervals
Tables help a lot

Linear regression
Made no sense last semester—
It makes more sense now!

I have cried so much
I have slept in prob and stats
Don't know what to do.

Heart, spade, club, diamond
Chance of getting a red club?
Zero! Can't happen!

Stats, how to find beta hat?
Poisson is a fish.

What is the expected value
That I get an A?

Johanna Franklin
Knows an awful lot about
Bad monster movies

A distribution,
Most likely the normal one,
Will be used today

School is 5 months long
Each day we learn math is fun

Some distributions
Death by horse kick statistics
We learned confidence

Wow, that had five syllables
I now know those odds

That was too easy
Completely not like this class
I will write one more

n equals thirty
Is a large enough sample
For life to work out

Real world tests go wrong
Bayes Theorem finds skewed errors
Now we can correct

Although not my favorite
Franklin made it fun

Statistics are my life now
Glad the end is near

Hopefully of me passing
Is equal to one

Probs and statistics
Taught me the prob mass functions
Franklin is the best

Poison is Poisson.
σ2 and μ are equal.
Happy when it's gone.

I will refrain from subjecting
You to something most likely worse
Than Vogon poetry