Approximate with
the Central Limit Theorem—
easy and fast.

Here are the haikus that the Fall 2016 Math 137 students have permitted me to share.

In between zero and one
Expected value

Is harder than statistics
Please, no kurtosis

The Binomial
Positive and Negative

How many ways can
You roll a die? Pick an ace?
I guess we know now

Events occurring
The Poisson Distribution
Each independent

In this class I learned
How Star Wars and cheese can be
Used in a math class

I have learned counting
Dealt with a lot of sigmas
And had so much fun

Variables seen
Uni and bivariate
Path to P success

How to guess amounts
Of certain combinations
Of different things

The importance of
Memorizing formulas
For distributions

Also go get help
In office hours because
There is chocolate

With six lights per tree
What's the probability
A tree has six lights?

Tremendous errors
Too few observations folks
Make stats great again!

Is like the frictionless plane
Of statistics, yay!

Must be from zero to one.
Or else you messed up.

How normal are you?
I am greater than thirty
Don't forget the mean!

Learned about box plots
A five number summary
Can reveal a lot

Endlessly fascinating,
And quite difficult.

As the leaves dropped low,
I learned hard distributions,
Discrete was the worst.

Godzilla stompings
Chocolate chips in a cookie
Let us use Poisson

Don't get complacent
Different skills will be used
Normals model life

Is the way to go when you're

Flashcards are the key
I might not win the lotto
How to distract kids

Let not this theory
Fool anyone who tries, come
Collect from Monty

Knowing statistics
I can predict anything
Except the weather.

Sometimes great models
Don't come from teachers, but from
Brewery students.

Math is my minor
Psychology uses stats
Yay for statistics

Math in a loud room
Exams are just round the bend
One more semester

With it there's always a trick.
Don't overthink it.

Binary question
Bernoulli distribution
Success, or failure

For a Bernoulli,
Expected value is the

Is not as bad as I thought
Thank goodness for that

For combinations,
The order does not matter
When choosing items.

The difference between
Exponential and gamma
Is the alpha term

To approximate
Binomial with Poisson,
Lambda is np.

So many distributions
I need to study

Always, always less than one
Will never forget

Based on the givens
How to approximate an
Event's likeliness

Same experiment
n times is a negative
Binomial case

Monty Hall problem
All the possibilities
Which door will you choose?

The complex combinations,
Rough permutations

Variance never
Negative, and chances are
Never above one