Formalizing love:
Romeo and Juliet
are just a system.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2020 Math 131 students have permitted me to share.

A differential
Seeking for new change today
What's the difference

What is happening?
I'm really confused right now
Oh, differentials.

My mind was open.
Keen to learn. And learn I did.
Thanks differentials!

Diffy Q's don't lose
Fight between First and Second
Which method will win?

Diffy equations
Homogeneous equations
One of many more

Cooling and mixing
Most people don't know to do
Math is the way through

I am first order
My friend is second order
Students like me more

With it being May
Just stay, learn growth and decay
It won't leave you gray

Differential Eqs
I do not know what to say
Sep'rable equations!!

Many equations
First order second order
Math is pretty hard

Much math to learn here
Solve mixers, springs, and systems
Yeah, Differentials.

Solving math problems
Getting lost along the way
You're on the right track

Solve the first order
Equation that is zero

General equals
Sum of particular and

For autonomous
Second order, can convert
Into first order

Linear or not
Differential equations
Are really quite fun

The autumn season's
Autonomous equations
Fun applications

Not same omega?
Superposition works best
To solve y of t

The u-method works
In every case but beware
Of bad integrals

To solve IVPs
Find C with side condition
And then solve for y

One method to solve
Separate the x and y
Integrate both sides

When you are using
An integrating factor
you must solve for y

Solving equations
Is a complicated quest
But just solve for y

The best equations
In my opinion are the
Separable ones

What acts on a spring
Gravity, spring force, damping
External force too

Ask question in class
Franklin sips tea casually
Waits for an answer

Right side equals to zero
Solve the solution

Use the u-method
Differential equations
Use it anytime

A method to solve
First order equations is

Growth and decay can
Be used to solve for mixing
And cooling problems

Doing integrals...
Oh, how I shall miss thee, calc!
Goodbye, it's been real?

Differential equations
Are fun equations

Math one thirty-one
Autonomous equation
Does not hinge on x

Solving equations
Separate both x and y
Integrate both sides

Predator and prey
are systems of equations.
Math and wildlife.

Spring or tank problems
They can come up in real life
Math solves these problems

Many equations,
Help, I can not solve them all,
Thank you Prof. Franklin

Solving these problems
Getting lost along the way
Gosh! Need to focus!

And Euler's Method
Uses linear approx.
To solve IVP.

Set up the system
Aim for the best solution
Destroy the Death Star