must be one at the greatest
and at least zero.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2022 Math 045 students have permitted me to share.

of two haikus being the same
is almost zero

All the Ps are Qs.
And sometimes the Ps are Qs,
Or no Ps are Qs.

The sets equations
probably the easiest
and thank gosh for that.

Simple and compound
combine statements into one
true or false not both

In combinations,
order does not matter and
there are no repeats.

Math is difficult
mainly probabilities
that's why you practice

Take a lot of notes
they will help you in this class
and on the quizzes

has difficult problem sets
Franklin prepares us

A combination
No worries if repeated
Order, no problem

The most confusing thing learned
I don't understand

It's the complement
one event is occurring
one event is not

can be hard and confusing
but practice will help

Logic, Sets and many more
A new form of Math

Double Negation
not not a value given
is value given

Logic and sets are
really difficult and hard
so you must practice

Modus Ponens is
Just P implies Q then P
Conclusion is Q

should be found first so as to
find numerator

Logic and sets are
very confusing but cool
i still don't get them

Monty Hall Problem
Please pick a door choose the car
Not behind door A

Rules of inference
Most come from tautologies
Like Modus Tollens

Diagram Euler
All dictionaries are fun
Circle in circle

A permutation
We know that order matters
but you can't repeat

Analyzing proofs
Statement follows from premise
Valid: true premise

Logical statements
united with sets produce
probable outcomes

Permutations are
complex but useful to show
all of the outcomes

Expected value
Weighted average for outcomes
Is very useful

An intersection
is the overlap of what
sets have in common.

An intersection
is spectacularly fun
formula is key

License plate problems
symbols in random order
a lot of outcomes

A statement can be
something that might be true
or false but not both

A permutation
can not have repetition
and order matters

The Venn Diagram
must have two circles at least
to show the unions.

In this class I learned
sets and probabilities
it is confusing

A valid statement
can not be both true and false
or else it is wrong

Must equal one added for
Expected value

A contradiction
is a type of truth table
that contains no Ts

Experiments and also
Outcomes and events

Combinations are
random groups from the larger
no repetitions

Bayes's Theorem is hard
probability and sets
here is the answer

Card games are funny
Black and red are exhaustive
And they are disjoint

Logic teaches us
How to present properly
But not how to think.

All factorials
must have an exclamation
written after it

Professor Franklin
always comes to class on time
when we have math class

Modus Ponens has
a P and Q in problems
and is true or false

Number of shuffled orders
Without restriction

I've Learned Logic, Sets
Monty Hall and De Morgan
I Have Learned About Them

A combination
No repetitions allowed
No order needed.

For Venn Diagrams
There are three different circles
The middle has both

With independence
There are ways for you to check
You only need one

What is math logic?
Used to get a conclusion
All problems are fixed.

Logic is so cool
I love to work with numbers
Semester is done