If you play fair games,
you have no advantage and
no disadvantage.

Here are the haikus that the Spring 2021 Math 045 students have permitted me to share.

I will miss math class
Monty Hall can be riggéd
I want a pet goat

is just a fancy math name
for counting numbers

We can say all cats
are felines. Not all felines
are cats conversely.

If you know one thing,
You can solve for the other
Use Bayes' Theorem.

If you play soccer,
You kick the white and black ball.
Soccer is awesome.

To play the game called
the lottery is no fun
there is no real point

If you sing a song
you will have to show your moves
by having to dance

"Or" is inclusive, "and" ain't.
Not my cup of tea

In Spring of two-one
Math four-five came right on past
Hoping it's a pass.

Make a truth table,
True, True, True, True, True, True, True
Conclusion valid

If answer is P
Disjunctive Syllogism
P or Q, not Q

A binomial
distribution is useful
to win games of chance

Arguments: tricky
finalize your argument
truth tables conclude

I am studying
Euler diagrams in math
and quantifiers

Don't lotto for cash
Should only be played for fun
So play if you want

If you do your work,
everything will be easy
with no tricks at all

Flip a fair coin once
Options: success or failure
Heads is a success.

Neither here nor there
is just the same as saying
Not here and not there

I will learn logic
Logic is so difficult.
Logic is so fun.

All conditionals
Should have an antecedent
And a consequent

Studying lectures
helps improve your skills greatly
and can help you win

Sets are truly Math
Logic is problematic
Now I am done for

I have a muffin.
Logic will tell me if it
Is puffy muffin.

With two solutions
number of trials depends on
and can change the odds

Affected or not?
No! That is independence
Never impacted

If you are gambling,
put your money in GameStop,
you won't regret it.

The negation is,
If it is universal,
Surely existential

In a set of 'vents,
if at least one must happen,
the set's exhaustive.

Four suits in a deck,
They're diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades.
Either red or black.

What did I learn here,
Sets, logic, probability,
What more can I say.

A Venn diagram
efficiently tell me all
set operations

In this class we learned
logics and had some fun with

When you roll a dice
Unless it is labeled fair
chances may be skewed

a four-sided die
same chance of landing face-up
is considered fair

I learned in this class
math and probability
I enjoyed it lots

It is very fun to learn
So pay attention

play lotto for fun,
do not take it serious,
enjoy a fun time.

Counting dice with thought,
cards only can be duped, or
fallacy ensued.

If you play poker
You can make combinations
It's a lifesaver

The DeMorgan's Law,
Used in both sets and logic,
A transformation

With true conclusion,
and only true premises,
the argument's true

If you like solving,
then please take math forty five,
you learn solutions.